Who Is Adriana?

Well, helllloooo there! I’m sure you want to know who the heck I am. Hi! I’m Adriana. AKA Anna, Adri, Mama.

I’m the mother of two beautiful diva girls, wife to one handsome stud, and #MomBoss. We live in the most unpredictable climate state ever — Massachusetts. I’m a Life Strategist & Empowerment Coach and also run an e-commerce Clean-Crafted wine company, educating people on a better wine option, while mentoring other like-minded women on running businesses of their own. I loveeeee to blog, inspire, and create content that’s meaningful to people.

My Story

I was a successful Realtor within my community, but I was tied to the beck and call of clients. As a mom and someone who enjoys having hobbies (and well…a life), I wanted more flexibility. I wanted to own my schedule and make my own money at the same time. I was burned out and bummed out! I felt like I had no personal identity anymore and knew it was time for a change.

I started my Clean-Crafted wine company in August of 2019 after drinking this wine that didn’t give me a headache or hangover. It’s since changed my life in more ways than one! I’m able to share this organic and biodynamic wine around the country (everyone loves a wine that’s better for the waistline!) and have a career on my terms and work it around my family…plus I’m able to afford all the peanut butter cups I constantly have stashed in the house.

The wine company led me to realizing that coaching women is my passion. My team members would tell me how helpful my coaching calls were or how much they appreciated the tools I gave them to implement. Then it hit me…I THRIVE on mentoring other busy moms to create a better life for themselves by helping them find more fulfillment, time, and ease. It fills me up to hear that advice I gave them changed the way their day-to-day flow would exhaust them. I finally recognized how good I was at helping other women through the “quarter-life crisis” that I, too, struggled with.

I’m excited to get back into my blogging (find my “old” blog at TheSpiritedRose.com — soon to be transitioned to my entire brand page) and share the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained over the last few years with others who need it.

Cheers! 🥂




Real estate drop out / Helping you take control of your time, simplify & get your life back on track 💪🏼 / “Queen of starting over powerfully”

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Adriana Keefe

Adriana Keefe

Real estate drop out / Helping you take control of your time, simplify & get your life back on track 💪🏼 / “Queen of starting over powerfully”

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